The Buntline Hitch

The buntline hitch is a knot used for attaching a rope to an object. It is formed by passing the working end around an object, then making a clove hitch around the rope's standing part, taking care that the turns of the clove hitch progress towards the object rather than away from it. Secure and easily tied, the buntline hitch will jam when subjected to extreme loads. Given the knot's propensity to jam, it is often made in slipped form.

Attach a climber to their climbing rope when there is no spliced eye.
Attach a rigging rope to steel carabiner for use with webbing slings.

Additional info:
This knot is very simple to tie, it is a very strong termination knot that has a good bend ratio and is more compact than most other termination knots e.g. fisherman's.

Bowline knot

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