The Clove Hitch Knot

Clove hitch

Along with the bowline and the sheet bend, it is often considered one of the most important knots and is commonly referred to as a Double Hitch. A clove hitch is two successive half-hitches around an object. It is most effectively used as a crossing knot. It can be used as a binding knot, but is not particularly secure in that role. A clove hitch made around the rope's own standing part is known as either two half-hitches or buntline hitch, depending on whether the turns of the clove hitch progress away from or towards the hitched object.

The Clove hitch is a really good knot with many uses, it is a great knot for cinching down onto round objects e.g a pole pruner. It is quick and simple to tie, and easily adjustable which makes it useful for using as a static redirect on a carabiner and webbing sling.

Bowline knot

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