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Scafell Lite test


- Class 2 Chainsaw protection

- Midsole and steel toecap 

- Waterproof

- Roller Ball lace system

- Top Quality Leather

- Vibram Outsole 

- Free spare laces and socks

The boot has been designed for climbing, groundwork, and forestry. Tested and certified to Class 2 protections means the boot has 24m/s chainsaw protection.
The flexible, pierce-resistant midsole is an added feature that ensures no sharp objects penetrate the foot.
The Breathe dry system gives the boots greater breathability and ensures your feet are kept dry.
Rollerball lacing system has been included in the design to prevent debris from getting into the lacing system.
Every pair of boots are handmade to ensure each pair of boots is the highest quality. It's the skill of the craftsmen that make the difference to the comfort and quality.
Check out how the boots are crafted in the video below. 
    • Flexible pierce-resistant protective midsole: full puncture protection without loss of comfort.
    • Vibram®technically advanced sole unit for arb industry. Built to work on the ground and in the trees. 
    • BreatheDRY® system:  gives the boot greater breathability and waterproofing. Guaranteed to keep your feet dry. 
    • 3 ZONETM Lacing system: provides ultimate support with speed roller section, heel stabilization zone, and open-top hooks for hassle-free tie-off.
    • i-fitTM: foot hugging concept, with moveable inner tongue, deep heel grip, and close-fitting elasticized protection gaiter.


To preserve your Arbortec boots and ensure longevity it is extremely important that they are maintained correctly. Arbortec recommends cleaning and treating your boots with products from our range, that have been chosen specifically, and follow the guidelines set out below.
    1. Always clean your boots regularly
    2. Leather footwear: thoroughly clean your footwear with the recommend gel, polish off then finish with a waterproofing cream such as Chelsea Dubbin Cream, Nikwax.
    3. Nubuck/Suede footwear: brush away all dirt and contaminants then follow with the specialist Nubuck and Suede waterproofing products available from Arbortec.
    4. Never clean with solvents of any kind.
    5. Do not leave your footwear in direct sunlight or force dry.
    6. Ensure your footwear is completely dry before wearing them to prevent the formation of mildew and unpleasant smells.



The waterproofing can be compromised if the boots aren't fully dry before each use. If the boots are left wet to be used while wet, over a period of time the water can be forced through the leather and Breathedry system.
To maintain the waterproofing on the footwear we suggest the following. 

  1. Clean the boots
  2. Leave to fully dry
  3. Re waterproof using Chelsea Dubbin Cream / Nikwax


Arbortec Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots-Orange

Scafell Lite test