Jamiluddin bin jami

Hi, My Name is Unding Jami and formally known as @Arbor_Gibbon. I live in  beautiful rainforest in Danum Valley,Home of the Tallest Tropical Tree in World. 


I started  work with South east asia rainforest research partnership ( SEARRP ) in 2002 Established by the Royal Society in 1985, the South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP) facilitates world-class scientific research that addresses the major environmental issues facing the tropics: plantation development, habitat restoration, and climate change.


I started my career as a canopy research assistant in 2004. Assisting researchers coming from all over the world to do canopy studies, also worked for some tv production for filming high up in canopy and taking people overnight in canopy to experience the view at night and sunrise.


Been in Arboriculture and forestry tree care industry which is something different from my real work high up in canopy but was really great to Meet many wonderful people and make great connections in the industry


Am so honoured to be part of  Arbortec family.




Age: 35


Where do you currently live?

In Danum Valley conservation area Sabah Borneo,Malaysia


Company Name:

South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership ( searrp ) company I work with. www.searrp.org


Field of expertise (arboriculture, forestry, carver etc): 

Arboriculture , Forestry and canopy research assistant

How Long have you worked in this industry?

I started working as canopy research assistant in 2004 and been helping many researchers in tropical forest in Sabah Borneo Malaysia. Been in arboriculture and forestry almost 5 years now. I don’t do so much felling in my work because for me trees are very important to everyone but the trees also can be a danger to everyone if we don’t take proper care of them. We try hard to explain to public why we need to keep our trees safe from being cut. I did some public awareness for tree care, I use proper PPE when climbing tree and tree work. Really hard to explain but for me, sharing is something we need to do and hopefully sooner or later they will understand how important and appreciated the trees are.


Favorite climbing system?

I’m multi task person that loves to try many different set ups. When I started climbed back in 2004 I climbed with rope access technique to access the canopy. Where I work in tropical forest all the trees here giant and most of the trees I climbed were more than 50m+. I used twin line system to access the canopy here which is one for my primary line ( Ropewrench or akimbo )and second one for my back up line ( Goblin or ASAP ). I climbed twin line system since 2004 just to make it safer because I’m always climbed tall trees and anything could happen like getting attacked by bees, snake, centipede ants. When I reach the canopy I’m always changing my set up to MRS ( Spiderjack3 or hitch climber ) to make it easier to move around big canopy and also easy for the next climber to go up without installing more ropes and also very efficient for Ground rescue system.


What is your favorite tree?

Shore faguetiana ( Dipterocarps ) and the red wood ( Tallest tree in the world )


Highest tree you have climbed?

100.08m The tallest tropical tree In world in Danum Valley conservation Area Sabah,Borneo Malaysia


Have you had any close calls? If yes, what happened?

Back in 2011 when I was climbing flowering Dipterocarps to collect the flowers I got attacked by 200+ Honey bees and got stuck with my lanyard in canopy, lucky I had a knife to cut the lanyard and manage to descent to the ground. When I reach to the ground I fainted and I was out for almost 40 minutes. Luckly I’m still alive J..that’s the most dangerous thing that’s happened since I’ve been climbing.


What is your hidden talent? I would say photographer J


When you’re not climbing trees what are your other interest/hobbies.? Photography, I love taking wildlife photo and fixing my car J