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    Enjoy our films while at home

    All of us want to be out there exploring and getting the job done but todays circumstances affect us all.

    Let's help everyone by staying at home, staying safe and try to make the best of this down time. 

    Grab some comfort food, sit down and watch some of our films.


    Honey Brothers Open Day 13 March 2020

    Throwback to the good old days of socialising, hanging out and hugs at the Honey Brothers open day just 2 weeks ago. A fantastic day with lots of laughs, beers, and burgers!


    International Tree Climbing Championships 2019

    All the action from the ITCC held in Knoxville, Tennessee last year.


    Scafell Lite Feature Video

    Great video lift the sprits up. 


    The European Tree Championships 2019

    All the action from the European Tree Climbing Championships held in Putbus, Germany.


    Arb Life - Featuring Katie Faulconbridge

    Check out our feature doc on Arbortec ambassador Katie Faulconbridge (now Katie Curwen). 


    Horse Chestnut Tree Removal 

    Horse chestnut tree removal and Arbortec collaboration project with local arborists Golden Tree Surgeons.


    Pine Tree Removal

    Pine tree removal and Arbortec collaboration project with local arborists and Arbortec ambassadors Browns Tree Management.



    To begin with we hope you are all well during this testing time and we are thinking of you all.

    At Arbortec we are closely monitoring the situation around COVID-19. While the current climate is uncertain and changing everyday, the most important and central concern is the health and safety of every individual in our team, our customers and the community. To understand how we are dealing with the current situation please follow the link below.



    Honey Bros Open Day

    A huge congratulations to Honey Brothers Ltd - Arboricultural Equipment Specialists on the official opening of their new store.

    The store looks incredible!

    We had the pleasure of attending the open day on Friday to demo some cut tests with the Breatheflex Pro trousers and to display new product lines with our ambassador team. 

    Thanks for having us Honey Bros. Video to come soon.

    Pro Arb Article...

    If you've not seen it or not had the chance to have a look through the latest Pro Arb magazine, here's a preview of the Breatheflex Pro Article. 

    It's worth checking out this one as there couple of sneak previews on new products that will be dropped soon. 

    Click here for PDF

    Breatheflex Pro Pro-arb Write Up


    The Real Test....

    We've seen how our trousers stand up to the official cut tests with all the testing machines. But how do they stand up to the real thing?

    We wanted to show you the results when the trousers are put through their paces with some petrol and electric saws. In each video, the trousers used are Breatheflex Type C, Class 1, rated to 20m/s. 

    We cannot emphasise enough how important PPE is on a job site and while operating a chainsaw. Always wear chainsaw protection and do not risk losing your life or a limb. Always put safety first.

    DISCLAIMER: These videos are for demonstration purposes only and carried out by trained professionals under a controlled environment. Do not try to imitate, copy or recreate any part of this video. Stay safe and always wear your PPE.