Chainsaw Trousers Guide

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The Ultimate Chainsaw Trousers Guide for Beginners

ARBORTEC CHAINSAW PROTECTIVE TROUSERS are defined by EN ISO 11392-2:2019, the European standard for leg and groin PPE. The leg protection is available in three forms: 

In Addition

Our trousers will also be classified as Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3, relating to the speed of the chainsaw our blocking material has been tested against:

Class 1: up to 20 m/s

Class 2: up to 24 m/s

Class 3: up to 28 m/s 

Example of the chainsaw pictogram shown on the Breatheflex range. It shows the ‘class’ and ‘design’ that the trouser adheres to and reflects the requirements which have been set in the framework of the European standards. 

Arbortec Forestwear Chainsaw Trouser Guide

Whether you're unsure if the Freestyle chainsaw trousers come with an adjustable waistband. We have made this tailored chainsaw trouser guide to list all of the features of our chainsaw trousers. See for yourself!