About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to innovate, manufacture and deliver the ultimate chainsaw apparel and tree connect equipment for our globally engaged community.

We believe in empowering our community's passion for nature, individualism and success. 

About Us

What's our story? We're Arbortec and we believe in empowering our community's passion for nature, individualism and success.
Whether you've been working outdoors your whole life or are new to nature, we want to enable everyone to live the treelife, love performance and wear comfort.

We have revolutionised the chainsaw trouser industry by introducing vibrant colors into a previously dull market. With the launch of our first trade counter, we not only provided essential PPE equipment but also introduced a bright and colourful selection of outdoor gear.
Driven by our dedication to innovation, we're developed a reputation for delivering proven performance products with a range of designs that enable our users to express their passion for treelife and individualism. 

Our Defining Moments

1992 - Fresh from sixth-form, two brothers started out selling an Italian range of safety footwear. This company was known as Safeguy.

1994 - We noticed vibrant colours were missing from the chainsaw apparel market. We opened our first trade counter which had PPE equipment and a small selection of outdoor equipment.

1999 - 2010 - Outgrown our first makeshift facility and invested in a unit which provided a larger showroom. We sold the country clothing and trade counter, which opened the opportunity to purchase Arbortec Forestwear.

2014 - Introduced the Breatheflex chainsaw trousers by creating a very technical trouser that was brightly coloured.

2017 - We set up our own factory in Portugal.

2021 - 2023 - We purchased our new innovation centre. We are now established as an industry leader in the manufacturing and delivery of ultimate chainsaw apparel. 

What have we been up to at Arbortec?

Our USP 

We're not the only brand that offers safety, comfort and a range of options for our customers. 

What makes us truly different is: The brand empowers the Treelife communities passion for nature, individualism and success. 

Laser Focus on Customer Experience

Merely delivering on your expectations is not good enough. We want to exceed at every step of the way – from first connection through to supply and ultimately the performance and lifespan of our products. 

Supporting our Global Dealer Network

We rely on our brand partners to provide an environment where you can engage with our products, and we empower them with expertise and the tools they need to service your requirements. Use our 'store locator' to discover your nearest stockist. 

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We Listen

To our community to keep moving forwards. We make the impossible, possible.