Arbortec Re-brand

Welcome to the Arbortec Forestwear re-brand

The story of Arbortec started 30 years ago when we were devoted to selling PPE. During this time our logo has remained unchanged, we have since grown exponentially to become a globally recognised brand, and the need for a brand re-fresh has grown. Rest assured that whilst this change occurs, Arbortec will remain committed to innovation.

Our defining moments

What's important to us is why we do it, as well as what we do.


We believe in empowering our community's passion for nature, individualism and success.


- Proven performance products (& always available).
- Globally engaged community.
- Dedication to innovation.


We manufacture chainsaw apparel and tree connect equipment - our core products are:
1. Chainsaw trousers 
2. Chainsaw boots
3. Clothing and Accessories 

Our Values

These are our guiding principles
that define our culture and personality

Explaining our new logo & icon

A great deal of work has gone into designing and developing our brand, to ensure that we are best placed for the future. The logo is part of the brand we have evolved and has been developed with our global aspirations in mind. We've created a logo which is unique to Arbortec.

We don't claim to be the only brand capable of producing high quality chainsaw apparel and tree connect equipment.

What truly makes us different is: The brand empowers the Treelife communities passion for nature, individualism and success.

Our Tree Life Manifesto

Nature is our way of life, our playground. Its powerful, unique and it has the ability to influence and positively change our lives.

When it comes to finding the right product to get out there and perform, we've got you covered. Of course, we hope you never need us, but when it comes to safety, we're there for the time you do. We all know that safety often comes with compromise.

Whether that be performance, aesthetics or weight. But at Arbortec, there's no compromise. We offer the ultimate in performance protection. Unrivalled performance, guaranteed comfort and always there if you need us. 

New Branded Products

We will be introducing our newly branded products in early 2023, ready for purchase.