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    Even though we may not always feel it, human-beings are social creatures. We're programmed to chat and gossip, to tell and tale, to listen and learn. 

    Staying touch with family, friends and those you work with has never been as important as now. Durning this time of lock down we need to work and commounitcate with each other to understand problems or enjoy happy moments.

    Rather than keeping update with everyone via messaging, turn on your camera and have a face time. Even better for those running a company have a catch up with your team every morning via Whats app video, skype or zoom, just to name some platforms.

    We don't always feel (or look) our best and there's nothing wrong with hiding that at home. Send simple voice notes and voice calls, there's still countless ways to stay social from a distance, in a way that you're comfortable with. 

    Stay at home, and get creative, make it fun.