Sean Thompson

Full Name: Sean Thompson


Age: 36


Where do you currently live: Effingham, Surrey, United Kingdom


Company Name: Tattooed Arborist


Field of expertise: Arborist, Rope Specialist, Splicer


How Long have you worked in this industry:

I’ve worked directly in the industry 5 years full time, but have been involved in the forestry and arborist industry through my family since I was 8 years old.


Favourite climbing system: DRT – Petzl Zigzag Plus using Drenaline 11.8mm

                                             SRT – TAZLOV3 using Yale Kernmaster 11mm


What is your favourite tree:

Common Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)


Highest tree you have climbed:  I have been fortunate to climb a lot of large trees. I’d say the biggest was probably around 30metres.  


Have you had any close calls: Yes

What happened:

I’ve been climbing since a very young age, but when learning the ropes and the different techniques available I have had some very close calls. I think that’s probably quite normal in the industry, but I have learnt from them and used those experiences to improve my climbing ability. You’re never too experienced to have a close call, you have to be constantly aware.

What is your hidden talent:

I have a degree in Professional Cookery and Hospitality Management.


When you’re not climbing trees what are your other interest/hobbies:

There’s a theme to my hobbies! I’m a part-time Survival Instructor, I enjoy Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Wild Camping; most of my life is spent outdoors. I have a young family and I’m looking forward to teaching my 2-year old daughter more about the outdoors – I’m planning a zip wire across our garden for her at the moment.