Breatheflex Vs Breatheflex Pro Chainsaw Trousers

What is the difference between the Breatheflex originals and the Breatheflex Pro chainsaw trousers at Arbortec Forestwear and how do they work?

Arbortec Breatheflex Chainsaw Trousers

The work involved in arboriculture, forestry and landscaping can be unforgiving with the use of chainsaws. It is therefore essential to ensure that the correct safety equipment is used. One wrong move could lead to some of the worst injuries imaginable. Do you ever wonder how the protective material in chainsaw trousers work?

The European standard EN 11393-2:2020 state the essential principles that can be put in place to provide the user with ultimate protection to be safe in the workplace:

1. Rather than cutting the protective material, the chainsaw slips off the material when contact is made with the chainsaw.

2. The Dyneema fibres (15 times stronger than steel) used in our Arbortec chainsaw trousers are drawn into the drive sprocket by the chainsaw, which stops any further movement. This refers to clogging.

3.The fibres in our protective chainsaw trousers allow high resistance to cutting and absorb rational energy, which is how they stop chainsaw speed. Have a look at one of our Arbortec brand ambassadors testing this out in the video below with our protective Breatheflex Pro chainsaw trousers, to show you how clogging works:

Design A and C refers to the designs of chainsaw leg protection defined under EN ISO 11393-2:2020 standard covering protection against handheld chainsaws. Design A has front only leg protection while Design C has full 360 leg protection. Breatheflex originals are available in both Class 1 (indicates a chain speed of 20 metres/second) Design A and Class 1 Design C here.

Breatheflex Pro Chainsaw Trousers

Following extensive research and development, the Arbortec Breatheflex Pro is a strong and lightweight trouser that allows the wearer to stay protected with the maximum possible amount of flexibility. Woven with kevlar fibres, this material is extremely hard-wearing, making them perfect for everyday use.

Other features and benefits of our Breatheflex Pro trousers include:

• Super lightweight chainsaw blocking system from strong yet light
• Dyneema Unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio
• Reinforced seams at high tension areas for added durability
• Shaped knee to allow easier movement
• Additional Kevlar reinforcement at lower leg for added abrasion resistance
• Zipped air vents at the back of the leg to help reduce temperature for additional comfort.

Original Breatheflex Chainsaw Trousers 

Our Breatheflex chainsaw trousers features were top of the ‘must-have’ list when our original Breatheflex trousers came to the market in 2014. These trousers have undergone a few design adjustments based upon customer feedback since their launch. With valued customer input, these trousers are now one of the most popular and recognised in the market.

 Other features of our Breatheflex trousers include:

 • Incorporating a multi-layered chainsaw shield system with Dyneema for extra protection, the Breatheflex range uses the lightest chainsaw stalling system available.
•  Outer shell made from breathable fabrics which are highly abrasion and snag resistant (a must for tree climbers).
•  Six-way stretch feature makes for some of the most comfortable chainsaw trousers to date. The crotch is made with an incredibly stretchy Kevlar fabric to eliminate ripping while allowing for maximum movement and flexibility.
•  Extra belt loops at the front of the trousers, as well as a much smaller and softer brace attachment flap.