Arbortec proudly stand as the leaders in the chainsaw apparel industry, being the first to introduce the USA Patriot chainsaw pants. With the advantage of our own state of the art factory in Portugal, which we obtained in 2017. We set out to bring this remarkable product to life, setting new standards in both performance and patriotism. 


USA Patriot Pants


Similar to our Breatheflex Pro pants, our stars and stripes patriot pants incorporates the same exceptional features. Including high tenacity fabric, woven with aramid, with an incredibly resilient and abrasion-resistant panel on the front of the shin of the pants. This fortified panel provides extra toughness, safeguarding users against encounters with rough tree surfaces and debris. 



The crotch is made with new, high-stretch materials to reduce the risk of ripping and allows the ultimate amount of movement and flexibility in the tree. These pants will provide superior protection in any demanding work environment.

We prioritize precision in every product we create at Arbortec, that's why each pair of our USA Patriot chainsaw pants has been handcrafted in our own Portuguese factory. This enables us to maintain strict quality control and make quick adjustments in the manufacturing process, to ensure that every pair meets our highest standard of excellence. 


We understand the importance of meeting industry safety standards - our USA Patriot chainsaw pants conforms to ASTM F1897-20 - leg protection for chainsaw users in the USA. This certification assures you that our pants meet and exceed the necessary safety standards. However, these chainsaw pants can be worn for any occasion, work related or not, even for a wedding! 


We hope you enjoy the arrival of our USA Patriot chainsaw pants, please note that Arbortec will only be doing a limited production run of Patriot chainsaw pants. This means that once they are gone, they are gone! Unleash your patriotic power and experience the perfect combination of comfort, performance and protection. View our USA Patriot chainsaw pants collection here