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What a weekend at the ITCC! A huge shoutout to all the competitors, volunteers, organizers, and sponsors. 

Being our first World Championships, we were super excited to sponsor the Aerial Rescue event. It's a great chance to interact and support for those that came from around the world to participate with the event. This year around 77 elite climbers traveled to Knoxville to compete for the top place.

We also had a great opportunity to partner with the International Society of Arboriculture for the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) in Knoxville. Our very own Katie Faulconbridge live-streamed interviews with climbers and bought all the action live from the comp. 

A massive congratulations to Team GB’s Josephine Hedger on becoming the 2019 World Champion!!!

Masters’ Challenge Results Men’s:

1. Scott Forrest, New Zealand Chapter
2. Barton Allen-Hall, Arboriculture Australia
3. James Earhart, Mid-Atlantic Chapter
4. Tanguy Bonniord, France
5. Jeff Inman, Kentucky Chapter
6. Terry Boston, Arboriculture Australia

Masters’ Challenge Results Women’s:

1. Josephine Hedger, UK/Ireland Chapter
2. Stephanie Dryfhout, New Zealand Chapter
3. Aneesa Winn, Rocky Mountain Chapter

All videos are available on the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) and Arbortec Facebook pages.


Aug 2019