Company Marketing

Marketing is the only way people will find out about you and your services without the good ol word of mouth.
Take this opportunity to look at your branding, website, social media platforms and business promo items. This is a great time to look at new ways to promote your services, let people know what your company is about, who you are, your values and it also gives you the chance to update or start all those things that you haven’t had a chance to yet.
Here are a few tips for you to increase your online presence:
  • Build a simple website that communicates your services
  • Clearly show your contact details. i.e. phone number, email address
  • Ask for reviews
  • Upload before and after images of jobs
  • Include a team image on your website
  • If you haven't yet, set up a business Facebook and Instagram page and start uploading content
  • Set up a Tik Tok (this is highly addictive)
  • Set up a business LinkedIn and Twitter account
  • Create some online adverts with Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • Set up a Youtube channel and start making tutorials, share that knowledge and maybe you can monetise your videos
  • Create an online enquiry form and a space to upload images for the customer to use
  • Update your logo for a fresh look
  • Make sure your brand is consistent across all platforms (keep it professional)
  • If you sell firewood, let people know
  • If you have and would like to sell company merchandise, let people know (this is incredibly popular in the arb instagram world)
  • Connect with fellow arborists around the world to see how they are doing things and learn/share knowledge





So first things first you need a website or want to update your website and are sick of paying that web guy/girl to do this for you. Here is a list of some of our favourite easy to use website builders that you can use and will also make your website look amazing. An important thing to mention is having a custom domain name and email address, this is a crucial element of keeping your brand consistent and looking professional, these will be included in your website purchases. Here are our favourites:

Squarespace (best all around): 

Shopify (fantastic for ecommerce):

Webflow (great for custom design):

Carrd (great for landing page/one page websites): 

Weebly (great for ease of use): (great for having precise control):

Format (great of portfolio website):



If you think that you need a tonne of fancy gear to be able to do marketing for yourself then you are mistaken, you can literally do all the things you need to do with the one thing you have in your pocket (or hand) right now! That's right, your mobile phone. Yes having fancy cameras and a super sleek laptop or desktop computer would be great and sometimes easier but it is NOT essential. All of us have a phone and most of us have some other computer device that can help with things that are easier to do on a bigger screen, so what are you waiting for? The app stores in our phones offer an abundance of creative software that can help you get creative with your photos, videos and posts. See links in 'Software' section for our favourite apps.



So if you are looking to get creative with your marketing there are some great apps and software that you can use. For laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile the Adobe Creative Suite (link below) has got you covered, you can use Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere across all 4 devices to edit photos, videos and create graphics. Here are some of our favourite apps for mainly mobile use but a majority will also work on desktop.

Adobe Creative Suite (You can sign up for just the apps you need):

VSCO (Photo Editor):

Canva (Great for help with social media graphics):

Snapseed (Photo Editor Mobile Only):

Behance (Great for inspiration):

Unfold (Great for social media stories):

Design Lab (Great for social media and web designs):

Premiere Rush (Edit videos on you mobile or tablet):

Go Pro Quik (Edit your Go Pro footage on mobile and desktop):


If you really are struggling with certain tasks such as logo design, fear not, here is a list of useful websites where you can hire someone to help you. All transactions are carried out online from all over the world so know need to worry about meeting up.