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    Marketing is the only way people will find out about you and your services.

    Even though this lock down it's not good for any business, you can turn this time into you favour. Take this opportunity to look at your website, social media platforms and business promotional leaflet or cards. This is a great time to look at new ways to promote your services in your areas.
    Few tips for you increase your presents to your local community:
    - Simple website that communicates your services.
    - Clearly show your contact details. i.e. phone number, email address.
    - Ask for reviews.
    - Take before and after images of jobs.
    - If you haven't yet, set up a Facebook and Instagram page.
    - Include a team image on your website.
    - Create a quote form to leave with the customer.
    - Plan a follow up plan. Following up quotes is key to getting jobs.
    - Update your logo for a fresh look.
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