Josua Hundertmark

Full Name: Josua Hundertmark aka Josh


Age: 36


Where do you currently live? In the north of Germany, but will move to the famous Odenwald in the middle of Germany in April


Company Name: Baumbule, Baumpflege Hundertmark


Field of expertise (arboriculture, forestry, carver etc): arboriculture, mainly veteran trees


How Long have you worked in this industry? 12 to 20 years, if you count growing up in a family of gardeners


Favorite climbing system? Bulldog Bone(not CE) and Rebel-Rope by Courant


What is your favorite tree? 100% every living tree, I prefer to climb in huge oaks though.


Highest tree you have climbed? 65m Douglas Fir


Have you had any close calls? If yes, what happened?

Once had a 15 meter swing, by accident, was still fun though


What is your hidden talent?

Being nice and making other people enjoy their time on this planet. Building networks and keeping them alive.


When you’re not climbing trees what are your other interest/hobbies.?

I absolutely love to spent time with my wife and my two daughters, they are the most amazing part of my journey on this planet. Watching them growing up and evolving around us is an absolut joy.

Next to my family I really enjoy the company of my friends, good and long talks and bringing ideas to life together with them.