Křižánek Brothers

Full Name: Denis Křižánek, Lukáš Křižánek


Age: 24, 27


Where do you currently live? We are from Czech Republic,  living in small city near to Ostrava.


Company Name: Křižáci – complex tree care


Field of expertise (arboriculture, forestry, carver etc):

Arboriculture, Forestry


How Long have you worked in this industry?

7 years


Favorite climbing system?                                  

Both of us we are using DRT – zig-zag plus from petzl.


What is your favorite tree?

We like big oak’s where we enjoy climbing.  


Highest tree you have climbed? 

Biggest poplar in our region – close to 50 meters


Have you had any close calls? If yes, what happened?

Fortunately not yet:)


What is your hidden talent?

Among our hidden talents are perseverance and get things done to the end.


When you’re not climbing trees what are your other interest/hobbies.?

We have another construction company with our father, so most of our time we are in work, doing welding things, or we do wooden gazebos or some garden work. But we like to enjoy holidays by the see. We are not complete workaholics :D.