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    Keep up with what will be arriving from Arbortec.
    This page will keep you up to date.

    The Arborflex Collection Will Be Made Available To Order In:


    The Arborflex system was introduced at the 2018 APF show as a concept to test the reaction on the market before going ahead in production. Since 2018 our development team both here in the UK and in Portugal have been working hard to bring the right materials, patterns and designs together to ensure the system works seamlessly. Arborflex has also been put through rigorous trials by those on the tools. The trials have taken place in the UK and Germany.

    The Arborflex system is the most versatile collection of chainsaw trousers to suit every job site.

    Marketing Material:

    We understand with this collection there is a massive variation of trouser combinations. We would recommend that you take full advantage of the marketing material that will made available shortly.

    • Launch Video - This video will introduce the different skins available.
    • Informational Video - A video to explain the concept.
    • Website Banners
    • Leaflets
    • Product Images and Descriptions



    TYPE A

    Type A Skin is easily identified by the red blocking material, red buttons and red tab.

    TYPE B

    Type B Skin is easily identified by the orange blocking material, orange buttons and orange tab.

    TYPE C

    Type C Skin is easily identified by the green blocking material, green buttons and green tab.


    Pro Skin

    The Pro's are a high performance top quality Skin created using technical materials. They are available in Lime/Black, Purple/Black and Black.

    Mid Skin

    Mid Skins have been developed using the original Breatheflex pattern. These are available in Hi-Vis Orange and Lime. 

    Waterproof Skin

    Waterproof Skins combine to make the first waterproof chainsaw trousers ever produced. This collection is available in Black and Hi-Vis Orange.

    Casual Skin

    The Casual Skin is our regular, everyday skin and is available in Black, Olive, Aqua, Beige and Citrine.

    The Arborflex System allows the user to choose the appropriate level of chainsaw protection, and select the correct skin. The base layer and skin are securely fastened by a highly effective combination of buttons and velcro.
    The level of protection can be identified by the colour coded buttons which fasten the two layers together. The buttons are also suitable for braces.

    For more infomation on the Arborflex collection, please contact us.
    Phone: +44 (0) 1553 768 346
    Email: sales@arbortec.com