Sam Lane

Full Name: Samuel David Lane


Age: 28


Where do you currently live? Steven's Point, Wisconsin, United States. A little backwoods gem of a city about 25 miles west of my hometown. 


What is the highest tree you have climbed? Me and Jonas from Tree Care India climbed an approx 60-7-m Eucalyptus up in the Western Ghats of Kodaikanal in India before the Indian forest rangers busted us. 


What us your favourite climbing system? The OG rope wrench with a compact little, and the OG rope runner. 


If you could trade places with any other arborist around the world, which country would you like to work and why? Probably Alby Selway from Australia at the Tree Fairy Arborists, some of the most insane trees out there. Just seems like a rad dude and rips some dirt bikes outside of work. and I’ve heard how wild those removals are from people that have worked with that crew. It would be good for me to grow a serious pair of steelies like those climbers have and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Matt and how he leads his guys. 


When you are not climbing trees what are your interests/hobbies? Do you have any hidden talents you would like to share? Hidden talents? Hmm… drumming and playing guitar, I have a musician’s ear so I can pluck away and figure out some songs on piano if I try long enough. I’m also really talented at getting speeding tickets and scaring the locals on my super bike. I also am secretly an incredible cook.