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A frustrated customer
Unexpected disappointment

I really wanted to enjoy these boots after getting two years out of my scarfel lights and having no issues at all. Although these boots do provide slightly greater comfort whilst climbing and the srt loop works exactly as intended, that’s about as much good I can say about this boot.
I have had these no more than 4 months daily use in a well mechanised company so beyond physically climbing trees and getting in and out of trucks I do very minimal walking around in them and still the sole is almost completely worn out. I also find them wider than the Scafels which makes climbing in tight trees that much more difficult.
The cuff at the top of the boot is incredibly difficult to get on and off particularly when you first start wearing them and when the boot is covered in mud it makes it that much worse.
The laces are very thin and the way the boot laces up means you have to re-tie them two or three times and they’re particularly sore on your fingers especially in the cold.
But by far the most irritating feature of this boot is the large thick tongue that velcros to the cuff I spend half my day tucking it back into my trousers because it’s unstuck and flapping around at the front. At a minimum Just make the tongue shorter and have an adjustable Velcro strap to hold it in place…
I think the premise of these boots is good however the execution is so disappointing I’d buy another pair of scafells if I didn’t want an srt loop intergrated into my boot.
Definitely not worth your money. a v2 Boot that addresses these problems might be but until then stay well clear.

cody holden
Poor quality

Fit well and are comfortable but very poorly constructed. The interior of my first pair started to tear within the first month. They were nice enough to send me another pair but they did the same within a couple weeks. Also now the soles are starting to peel off. I heard this same story from a number of climers that have purchased these boots. Very disappointed for the price

Steven Hawkeswood
Kayo charcoal boots

The first make of chainsaw boots that I love as they are comfortable and durable

Not comfortable at all.

I have large feet and the problem I find when buying boots is that they're designed and shown in around a size 9. They look good at that size. That's why I ordered them. However, once scaled up to fit my flippers they loose their aesthetic and more Importantly, the functionality and comfort they would have had in a smaller size. They didn't bend or flex like I was hoping they would. Not having hooks for the laces on the upper part of the boot made it VERY difficult to tighten and loosen when putting on and taking them off. Overall I was very disappointed as I love the rest of the Arbortec gear.

Christopher Hunt
Comfortable but very poor design

Boots are pretty comfortable to wear on the ground but when climbing i have found them very irritating. The low cut design means trousers roll up over the tounge, ropes and branches then get caught in the tounge and leave the lower leg unprotected. Have also found the heel is too shallow for spikes to stay in place. The gator is so tight it makes getting boots on and off a very long awkward process and will eventually tear the stitching from forcing them onto your feet, i have also broken the lining in the gator from trying to get them on now making them very uncomfortable. The soles have lasted about 3 months before they have worn away to nothing and started peeling. If you only want these boots to stand around on the ground they will do but for working and climbing i wouldn't bother.