Back in 2018, the Arborflex system was introduced at the APF show as a concept, to understand how the market felt about such a new idea. Since 2018 our development team both here in the UK and in Portugal have been working hard to bring the right materials, patterns and designs together to ensure the system works seamlessly.

Whats is the Arborflex System?

The Arborfle System allows you to create your chainsaw trouser combination. 

To get started, choose your Base layer 'chainsaw protective layer' then a skin 'outer layer'. 

The Arborflex system is the most versatile collection of chainsaw trousers, providing the best option whatever the job.

Some segments of the market work in different working conditions (weather variations, or safety requirements) which require them to have multiple pairs of trousers, leading to unnecessary expense.​With the Arborflex system, you are able to change the outer layer for a different style without having to own a wardrobe of chainsaw trousers.