Since the launch of the Arborflex, a number of valid questions have been raised. Check out the questions and our answers below.


What is Arborflex?

Arborflex is a chainsaw trouser that you can build. Choose your base layer,  (chainsaw protective layer), then choose the appropriate skins (outer layer).

For example, Type A Base Layer with a Pro Skin, plus a storm waterproof skin or the days when it's raining.


What is the purpose of the Arborflex?

The aim of Arboflex is to bring flexibility to you as a user. Making a trouser that allows you to change the outer depending on the job and weather could save you a huge amount of money.

We're going to cover the cost in the next question.


Why is the Arborflex set so expensive?

The Arborflex system may look more expensive when the kit is in the cart, but let's look it this way:


Can the Skins be worn as a standard trouser?

This point has been covered in the table above, but the skins can be used as a standard pair of trousers which can be worn for a number of activities. i.e. recreational climbing and landscaping. 


What makes the Skins different from other climbing trousers?

The most expensive and important part of the trousers is the material. The cost of the material is over 20 times more expensive than a standard material used in the poly-cotton workwear. We use the best material to ensure the trousers are comfortable and perform.

The second point key point is the manufacturing process. Each base layer and skin is handcrafted in our Portuguese factory.


Is the Arborflex suitable for rail?

Within the Arborflex range, we have two skins that have been approved for rail. Both Skins conform to  RIS-3279-TOM.

View rail spec trousers:

Hi-vis Skin

Hi-vis Waterproof Skin


How do they fit together?

The Baselayer and Skin are held together by velcro at the waist and at the ankle.  in addition to the velcro, buttons have been placed around the waist to join the two layers together. These buttons have two additional purposes.

The buttons are colour coded so the level of chainsaw protection can be distinguished. The buttons can also be used to support braces.



These are a few questions that have been raised since the launch of Arborflex, and we hope our answers might clarify them. Any more questions please be free contact us anytime at