Kickstarting the day with a caffeine fix is the most common occurrence in most people's morning routines; it’s delicious, smells amazing, and gives you that much-needed boost of energy to crack on with the day.

Now if you’ve been on the wonderful world of social media (more specifically arb social media) in the last year or show I’m sure a few of you will be familiar with the #brewcrew or #brewcrewassemble doing the rounds. Arborists from all over the world have been sharing and tagging each other in their morning coffee and break time brew posts. This has become something of a regular appearance in our news feed so we thought why not join the brew crew movement and show you some of the best ways you can make a marvellous cuppa on site.

Yes, you can, of course, stop at your local petrol station and grab a quick caffeine fix from your favourite vending machines or hope that the lovely customer might offer you a cup or two. However, we all know that sometimes you can be right outta luck on the coffee front. Especially in the current ‘new normal’ of planet earth, certain places might not be open for you to grab a quick brew or the customer might not be so keen on sharing crockery at this time.

So why not delve into the world of off-grid coffee and start making yourself a banger of a brew on any job site. Without further ado here is our list on the different ways you can make the best cup of Joe on site: (Make sure to bring a big bottle of water or flask of boiled water depending on your brewing method)

1. Primula Single-Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

2. GSI Outdoors Gourmet PourOver Java Set

3. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

4. Jetboil Flash Java Kit

5. Bripe

6. MiniPresso Espresso Maker

7. Taking it old school with the Kelly Kettle

Here's a helpful website with more info: