Arbortec chainsaw boots offer protection from punctures, cuts, chainsaws and more! Our chainsaw boots also offer grip when walking on a slippery or uneven surface, helping to prevent falls when up a tree.


Kayo Chainsaw Boot

Our newest chainsaw boot, the KAYO, has been designed with the help of industry professionals and extensively tested for over 2 years. The result? A lightweight, low-cut boot with chainsaw protection. Versatile in the industry for arborists, foresters and climbers.


The key features of this boot are its shape and height. At less than 160mm high and a weight of 1.1kg per boot, this boot is tailored for the professional climber. The KAYO is the ultimate choice in chainsaw boots that allow movement and strong ankle support. The low-cut style includes a chainsaw protected gator and tongue, tailored perfectly for any professional chainsaw user.


The upper body of the boot is handcrafted using premium leathers, available in colours lime green, purple and charcoal, laminated with chainsaw protective materials and a waterproof membrane. The signature BreatheDry system ensures the boots are waterproof and highly breathable making the working day more comfortable.


To enhance the durability, the KAYO has a rubber randing wrapped around the lower half of the boot. The unique lacing system and secure inner sock has been tailored to the shape of the boot to ensure a snug fit. This is a critical element in comfort and stability for both wide and narrow feet. The boot complies with BS EN ISO 17249:2013+A1:2014 Class 2 (24 m/s) 2034:2011.

 Whether you’re an arborist, forester or dog walker; this KAYO chainsaw boot is a true all-rounder. Shop the full collection here


Arbortec Kayo Chainsaw Boot Features


Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boot

The Scafell Lite was developed for climbing, groundwork, and forestry.
Tested and certified to Class 2 protections means the boot has 24m/s chainsaw protection. 


The flexible, pierce-resistant midsole is an added feature that ensures no sharp objects penetrate the foot. The BreatheDry system gives the boots greater breathability and ensures your feet are kept dry. Rollerball lacing system has been included in the design to prevent debris from getting into the lacing system. Every pair of boots are handmade to ensure  high quality. It's the skill of the craftsmen that make the difference to the comfort and quality. Available in colours: Lime, Blue, Black, Orange, Red and Brown. 

Comes with a free pair of socks and laces with every purchase. Shop the full range of Scafell Lite Chainsaw boots here! 



Arbortec Forestwear Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots


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Arbortec Forestwear - Scafell Lite VS KAYO chainsaw boots, features compared


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