If you’re going to use a chainsaw, you need safety equipment. However, if you are safe, careful, and cautious, you need not ever use it. In an ideal world all the necessary chainsaw safety procedures will result in the blades of the saw coming no closer to you than they absolutely need to be.

However, we do not live in an ideal world. Humans are fallible and one wrong move could lead to you painting the town red in the worst kind of way. So how do we protect chainsaw users from the unforgiving blades?

Watch your legs!

Chainsaw trousers. 

These fine pieces of engineering can stop the blades of a chainsaw dead before anything else ends up dead.

So how do they work?

Chainsaw trousers incorporate approximately 8 layers of densely woven fibers made from polyethylene. As the chainsaw penetrates the outer layer, these fibers are extracted from the trousers and become entangled in the chainsaw sprocket, effectively halting the rotation of the wheel and bringing the chainsaw to a complete stop.

Breatheflex Pro Vs Battery Saw


Breatheflex Pro Vs Petrol Saws

So, in the strictest sense, chainsaw trousers are not resistant to chainsaws. Rather they are designed to stop the chainsaw before any serious damage can be done. 

We wouldn’t recommend you test it on your own leg mind…