As a professional in the arb industry, you know how important it is to have the right gear. When it comes to chainsaw trousers, you need something that will not only protect you from potential accidents but also provide comfort. That's where the new Arbortec Forestwear Deep Forest Chainsaw trousers come in. 


These trousers have been designed with the professional forester and arborist in mind. They have been made with durable fabrics, such as Cordura and Kevlar, which are highly resistant to abrasions and tears. The chainsaw protective material is inside the trouser - its different from the reinforcement fabrics on knee and lower leg.The Deep Forest chainsaw trousers conform to BS EN ISO 11393-2:2019, with a Class 1 (20 m/s) rating. 

Deep Forest Arbortec Guide

Key features include:

Design A and C, available in colours lime, black and red, double stitching, Triostrand Gridlock Lite Chainsaw Blocking Fabric.

Lightweight but heavy-duty, this fabric offers breathable protection, removable/replaceable gaiter.


Some other great features of the Deep Forest chainsaw trousers are the adjustable waistband, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Multiple pockets that provide plenty of storage space for essentials. The ventilation system within the mesh lining on the back of the trousers provides breathability, while the zipped vents on the back of the thighs (only for Design A) allow for added airflow when you need it. 


Arbortec Forestwear Deep Forest


In short, our brand new Arbortec Forestwear Deep Forest Chainsaw Trousers are a top-of-the-line choice for those that need durable, comfortable and safe gear. Whether you're working in the forest or on a tree care job, these trousers will be here to protect you and keep you comfortable.