Welcome to The Great Indoors. This is where we’ll be introducing you to the team behind the Arbortec brand. Since our brand re-fresh, we wanted to show that we are more than just a product. We are about inspiring, bringing in fun and creating a positive change to the industry and internally. 

Throughout The Great Indoors series, we’ll bring you interviews with those in the Arbortec team, our ambassadors as well as showing you what happens within The Great Indoors. 

‘’Arbortec isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. We love what we do and have a genuine passion for nature. We draw inspiration from your own experiences to really inject authenticity.’’

Starting off with our marketing manager - Winston. 

How did you get the industry/what is your background? 

From a young age I was brought up to enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoyed walking in the Peak District and around our local coastline in Norfolk.

I’ve always liked climbing trees for the fun of it, so I eventually figured out how to safely perform some tree removals and pruning. This was never a full time job, but it really helped me to understand some elements of the arb industry. 

At Arbortec, nature is our way of life and has the ability to influence and positively change our lives. When it comes to finding the right product to get out there and perform, we’ve got you covered. Of course, we hope you never need us when it comes to safety, but we’re here for the time you do. We all know that safety often comes with compromise, whether that be performance, aesthetics or weight. But at Arbortec, there’s no compromise - we offer the ultimate in performance protection. Unrivalled performance, guaranteed comfort and always there if you need us. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I left Sixth Form 7 years ago and joined the small marketing team at Arbortec. During this time there were only two of us in marketing, I now coordinate the whole marketing team of 5. I always preferred creative subjects at school like art, design and technology, so having a career where I could show my creativity was important to me. 


Do you have any hidden talents:

I can fit in a 90L Arbortec bag



Do you have a favourite thing about Arbortec?  

One of my favourite things about Arbortec is the progression I've seen in such a short amount of time, in both the industry and the company. The first show I ever went to was in 2014 where the Breatheflex range was launched - these were the first coloured chainsaw trousers launched into the industry which changed everything for the better. 

Chainsaw trousers were originally made in black, greys and oranges, not to say other branded trousers weren’t of good quality, but the introduction of the Lime Breatheflex was a massive leap into the industry - from then on we introduced more colours like pink, bright blue etc.

My dad and uncle were passionate to bring fashion, style and fun into the chainsaw apparel industry that was originally so bland, and it's exciting to see how the brand has contributed and worked with other companies to do just that. 

The Breatheflex originals have become a favourite among arborists. Available with BS EN ISO 11393-2:2020 Class 1 (20m/s) Design A Front Protection & BS EN ISO 11393-2:2020 Class 1 (20m/s). Design C all-round protection. NB: Black/Lime also available with Class 2 & Class 3 protection, visit www.arbortec.com for details. 


What are your hobbies/interests outside of work? 

Outside of work, I do have quite a mixture of hobbies. I enjoy being able to do practical things after a days work in the office, whether that be carpentry or cooking or even just a walk out by the coast.  

My interests are mainly based outdoors, as the stunning Norfolk coast is so close, it’s always been a favourite spot to go for a walk, swim or paddle board. Perfect place to relax and just be out in nature.  

Arbortec had a fantastic 2022 with many highlights including being able to resume attending some of the largest arboriculture exhibitions and introducing our brand re-fresh. We’re only just getting started and there's a lot more to come in 2023!