The Breatheflex Pro and the Freestyle are two of the finest Chainsaw Trousers on the market. If you are looking for a comfortable, fitting, and effective pair of trousers to get you through the working day then you simply cannot go wrong with either of these.

However, if you are a discerning arborist, you’ll want to know exactly what is different between these two trousers. Here is the rundown:


The Breatheflex Pro has a backpad designed to attach to a sturdy pair of braces. The Freestyle in colours Aqua and Purple lacks this pad, meaning it is better suited for a belt. The lack of pad also makes it more compatible with a harness. However, please note the Red and Black Freestyle chiansaw trousers do have a backpad with a higher back. 


The Breatheflex Pro has elasticated cuffs at the bottom of the legs, ensuring a tight grip around your ankles and boots. The Freestyle does away with the elastic, replacing it with a more durable design that is less likely to ride up over your boot during strenuous activity.


While both trousers will protect you from damage, the Freestyle has a slight advantage in it is more flexible and more abrasive.

For a more detailed insight, check out this video from Arbortec Ambassador MickArbLife:


While we were designing the Freestyle, we took on board the customer feedback for the Breatheflex Pros. Because of this, the Freestyle is designed with the arborist firmly in mind. You cannot go wrong.


You can view our Freestyle collection on our website here.