Adam Roberts


Full Name: Adam Roberts


Age: 33


Where do you currently live? 39 Newtown, Hullavington, SN14 6EQ


Company Name: Acer Tree Surgeons Ltd


Field of expertise (arboriculture, forestry, carver etc): Arboriculture all related.


How Long have you worked in this industry? 12 Years.


Favorite climbing system?

Rope Wrench and Taz Lov combo, Yale lines are where it’s at.


What is your favorite tree? Scots Pine


Highest tree you have climbed? 

61.3 metres (201.1 feet) Douglas Fir Dunster UK


Have you had any close calls? If yes, what happened?

Yes, plenty of learning curves over the years. Much of the work I carry out is large compromised and technical (but yeah I also hedge cut just like everyone else 😂), so frequently encounter tough situations. I remember a large roadside macrocarpa a few years ago. The tree was to be removed, using modern rigging and free fall techniques. The catch to the removal was the numerous amount failed/compromised limbs, and I’m talking large 400kg plus sections. As one lateral was removed, more would fail from above. Mentally tough job with lots to go wrong. Everyone involved kept safe though.


What is your hidden talent?

Inside the industry, having eyes in the back of my head. Outside industry, knowing really random information, good for a Christmas quiz.


When you’re not climbing trees what are your other interest/hobbies.?

Firstly my family, followed by a passion for Carp Angling. Spending a night each week, lakeside in the bivvy, waiting for the alarms to rip off is my way of focusing on something outside of work. Watching my 3 year old daughter get involved is something else too.

During the winter I’m also invested in Scottish Winter Mountaineering, I’d say I’m currently at a rookie stage, even after 10 or so years of doing it. Small gaps in the winter weather is all I have to gain experience so it’s a slow process. Amazing when I’m out there though.