Ben Andrews

Full Name: Ben Andrews


Age: 39


Where do you currently live? Ledbury, Herefordshire UK


Company Name: Pershore College


Field of expertise (arboriculture, forestry, carver etc): Arboricultural contractor and Arboricultural trainer/assessor.


How Long have you worked in this industry? 20 years


Favorite climbing system? MRT zigzag with rope guide


What is your favorite tree? Cedar


Highest tree you have climbed? 120 ft


Have you had any close calls? If yes, what happened? I have witnessed a few incidents, but fortunately nothing myself.


What is your hidden talent? I can pull apart two pieces of flat lego without using my teeth.


When you’re not climbing trees what are your other interest/hobbies.? Walking, anything outdoors, playing the drums and spending time with my children.