Chainsaw work is dangerous and accidents can happen far faster than we realise. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance we take every measure possible to avoid incidents and protect ourselves from injury.

At Arbortec we have all the gear you need to safely do your job. However, one part of the outfit that is sometimes overlooked is the chainsaw boot.

Scafell Lites

But chainsaw boots are extremely important.

Our chainsaw boots are based on the standard steel-toecap working boots combined with traditional hiking footwear. The result is a durable, safe and comfortable pair of boots that will protect you if you need it.

Strong and sturdy.

How they work.

Chainsaw boots come in three separate classes. Each of these classes are able to withstand a blade running at 20m/s, with the highest class being able to resist a 28m/s blade. Each boot has a specially made steel-toecap that can take the hit without injuring the wearer. The boots also boast a strong leather design that will protect the user from flying debris and other workplace hazards.

Chainsaw boots are not just for chainsaw work. They hold their own in other outdoor industries including farming, land management and game keeping. Their resilience and comfort also make them ideal for hiking.


Safe, secure, and stylish. You can’t go wrong.