When it comes to chainsaw work, safety is not something you can afford to skip.

Accidents can happen far faster than we realise and a good day can turn bad in a flash.

One of the most important pieces of gear in our arsenal is the chainsaw helmet. However the helmet is an oft overlooked part of the arborist inventory. “Why do I need a helmet?” they say, “I’m doing groundwork today, there isn’t even anything above me.”

This is foolish. Here are three reasons you need a chainsaw helmet.


  1. Kickback protection.

    Considering much of our work involves climbing and cutting, falling debris is an all-too-common hazard. Most of us know to wear a helmet when tree trunks are falling from the sky but some question the necessity of wearing one when doing work on the ground.

    This perspective does not consider chainsaw kickback. Kickback refers to the tendency of chainsaws to lurch backwards when cutting at an improper angle. In the worst-case scenario, this kickback can be aimed squarely at your head. A messy business that can easily be minimised.

    Avoid kickback.


    1. Eye protection

      Your eyes are one of your most valuable and delicate organs. Every step must be taken to protect them. A good helmet visor will defend your eyes from the avalanche of flying chippings whilst allowing you to do your job.


  1. Ear protection.

    In case you didn’t notice, chainsaws are loud. So loud that they can cause permanent damage to your hearing, especially when combined will all the other noise present on a worksite. A sturdy pair of ear defenders will prevent any lasting damage being done.


Remember, safety is paramount in this industry. A moments carelessness can lead to catastrophic results. Why take the risk?

Zenith PL Combo


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