Arboriculture is a business. When clients let us onto their property, they want to be reassured that they have hired a professional rather than a slovenly amateur. The first step towards this is a pristine pair of chainsaw trousers. Today, I am going to tell you how to wash your Arbortec trousers to make the best possible first impression.

Looking good!

You Will Need:

Nikwax Tech Wash

A washing machine (with a synthetic setting)

A pair of chainsaw trousers that need cleaning.

NIKWAX Tech Wash - Available on

Step 1: Run a rinse cycle in your washing machine to clear out any excess detergent and fabric softener.

Step 2: Place your trousers in the machine (maximum of two pairs)

Step 3: Pour three full caps (or 150ml) of Nikwax Tech Wash into the machine.

Step 4: Wash on the synthetic setting at 30 degrees.

Step 5: When finished, hang them out to dry. Dry both inside and outside the trousers.



  • Empty your pockets before washing.
  • Open the vents for a thorough clean.
  • Do not tumble dry or blow dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Do not dry nearby a heat source.

Professionalism, care and neatness are of the utmost importance in this industry. You only get one chance to make a first impression.